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Memorandum of Association

Calcutta University Chemical Engineering Alumni Association
(Registered under the West Bengal Society Registration Act 1961)

Memorandum of Association

1    Name of Society: The name of the Society is "Calcutta University Chemical Engineering Alumni Association", hereinafter referred to as the "Association".
2    Registered Office: The registered office of the Association will be situated in the Department of Chemical Engineering, University Colleges of Science and Technology, 92 A.P.C. Road, Calcutta - 700 009.
3    Objects: The objects for which the Association is established are :
3.1    To promote the advancement of Chemical Engineering Science and application by conducting research, imparting training and education, establishing libraries, laboratories and developing Industry- Academia interactions in general and the advancement of teaching and research in the Department of Chemical Engineering, Calcutta University in particular.
3.2    To protect the professional interest of all alumni of the Department of Chemical Engineering and the former Department of Applied Chemistry of Calcutta University and more particularly of all members of the Association.
3.3    To organize seminars, symposia, workshops, technical lectures, etc., as well as the annual Reunion of the past and present students, teachers and other employees of the Department of Chemical Engineering and the former Department of Applied Chemistry of the Calcutta University.
3.4    To make suitable endowments at the University of Calcutta to institute teaching and research positions and special lectureships for technical lectures on subjects of relevance to the Department of Chemical Engineering, Calcutta University.
3.5    To grant scholarship, prizes etc. and to aid other student welfare programs for the benefit of the meritorious and deserving students and for supporting research students primarily of the Department of Chemical Engineering, Calcutta University.
3.6    To conduct/organize research work in the field of Chemical Engineering and fields related to Chemical Engineering.
3.7    To promote, help and/or subsidize research work in the Department of Chemical Engineering, Calcutta University.
3.8    To collaborate with the Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Calcutta for upgrading curricula and syllabi in Chemical Engineering Department andfor creation of bright image of the Department in the eyes of the Chemical Engineering Profession and Chemical Process Industries in India and abroad.
3.9    To admit men and women alike to membership of the Association and to collect subscriptions, and to receive donations, gifts and other contributions.
3.10    To hire, purchase, have holding and dispose of any property including land or building to be used as an Institute, Lecture room, Laboratory, or library and also to hire any person for the advancement of any objectives of the Association described here.
3.11    To publish or maintain an organ or bulletin of the Association and scientific/ technological journals, books etc.
3.12    To get the Association to be recognized in India and other countries as an academic and research organization.
3.13    To promote application of Chemical Engineering for the benefit of the society as a whole through protection of the environment, improvement of efficiency of all chemical and related processes used, dissemination of knowledge and information and improvement of quality of living.
3.14    To formulate and execute programmes aimed at acquainting people in general and school and college students in particular, with the discipline of Chemical Engineering and generating interest in the field, and also to formulate and execute programmes aimed at benefit of the society as a whole ? like technology development, protection and improvement of the environment through application of Chemical Engineering ? independently or in collaboration with other organizations, particularly Department of Chemical Engineering, Calcutta University.
3.15    To do all the above as a nonprofit research organization, dedicated to the advancement of knowledge and application of the same for the benefit of the society.
3.16    To do all such other lawful things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects or any of them.
4    Application of income: The income and property of the Association wheresoever derived shall be solely applied for or towards the promotion of the objects of the Association, and no portion thereof shall be paid or transferred directly by way of dividend or bonus or otherwise however by way of profit to persons who are or at any time had been members of the Association.
5    Governing Body: The names, addresses and descriptions of the Executive Committee of the Association as at present provisionally constituted as:
1 Niras Kumar Bose 20 Chakraberia Road (N)
Member No. 4752235
2 Basudeb Barman AA 115, Sector I
Salt Lake,
Calcutta - 700 064
Member No. 3373096
Vice President
3 Saral Kumar Ghosh HB 129 Sector III
Salt Lake,
Calcutta -700 064
Member No. 3585624
4 Asim Kumar De 162/3 South Masunda
New Barrackpur,
Member No. 743 276
5 Parthasarathi Ray 64 A Belgachia Rd.
Block A, Flat 3,
Calcutta - 700 037
Member No. 556 5037
Asst. Secretary
6 Bibhuti Bhusan Paira CE - 201, Sector - I
Salt Lake City,
Calcutta - 700 064
Member No. 3374474
7 Birendra Nath Chakrabarti 32, Lake Avenue
Calcutta - 700 026
Member No. 4300084
8 Binay Kanti Dutta 134, Nagendranath Rd.,
Calcutta - 700 028
Member No. 551 1134
9 Prodyot Kumar Maiti TG 2/16 A Teghoria
Calcutta - 700 059
Member No. 5709222
10 Parameswar De NB Apt, Fl 2, 3rd Fl
93 P K Guha Rd,
Calcutta - 700 028
Member No. 5111332
11 Bibhuti Ranjan Saha AD - 138, Neelakash Apartment,
Calcutta - 700 059
Member No.5718559
12 Sudip Kumar Das 189, Laxmi Narayan Rd.
Dum Dum Cantonment
Calcutta - 700 065
Member No. 5667560
13 Sekhar Bhattacharjee CD - 244, Salt Lake
Calcutta - 700 064
Member No. 3593990
14 Subhash Chandra Sen 74/1/1B Manicktala St.
Calcutta - 700 006
15 Soumendra Nath Ash Balitikuri Kalitala Library Rd.
Howrah - 711402
Member No. 6534414
16 Ranjan Kumar Basu Subhashpally,
P.O. Khalishani
Dist. - Hooghly,
Pin Code - 712 138
Member No. 5545122
17 Gautam Mitra Flat CD 3 ,
124 Rifle Club Rd,
West Calcutta 700 070
Member No.4318482
18 Joy Majumder Flat 8D, Naba Kailash
55/4 Ballygunge Circular Rd
Calcutta 700 019
Member No.4406375
19 Dipankar Chakraborty Flat 103,
VIP Enclave
Calcutta 700 059

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